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  3. Couderé partners with Gatewing for aerial surveying
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Couderé - Geomatic Engineering - Gatewing X100 distributor

1. About Couderé Geomatic Engineering

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Couderé Geomatic Engineering is specialized in measuring and mapping solutions and is active in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Couderé's team of experts advise professionals on efficient positioning and location solutions tailored to the different requirements of the surveying, construction, engineering and utility industry, in asset and infrastructure management, in marine and hydrography, in public safety, disaster and environmental management and in the domains of forestry, agriculture and sustainable development.

Couderé has set up long-term partnerships with some leading manufacturers in the mapping industry such as Trimble, Faro and Gatewing. Their solutions, used as static and/or mobile sensors, are matched with on-demand software packages and developments with a profound focus on the specific requirements of the industry applications.

Couderé - Geo Services has a highly qualified support team, a service lab and a wide range of specialized trainings. An extensive range of accessories useful for topographic applications are available 24/24 via

Couderé is certified ISO 9001-2008.

Mission: We Hear Know Grow You

  1. Couderé is dedicated to be the best partner for its customers in ‘geomatic engineering’.
  2. Our professional support is based on in-depth applicable knowhow and consultancy, offering customers the best-fitted total solutions in line with their needs and professional requirements of their projects, in order to optimize their ROI.
  3. We provide opportunities to our employees to develop their talents in order to make them into the valuable interlocutor our customers need.


  1. Create a customer-centric culture.
  2. Create a climate for results.
  3. Integrity, respect and trust.
  4. The development of human capital.
  5. Foster creativity and innovation.
  6. Commitment to service quality.

2. Contact Couderé

  1. Couderé bvba
    Monnikenwerve 43
    8000 BRUGGE
    T. +32 50 38 98 14
    F. +32 50 38 31 05

    open every workday
    from 8 am till 5 pm
    Roadmap to Couderé Brugge

  2. Couderé sprl
    Avenue des Dessus-de-Lives 2
    5101 Loyers (Namur region)

    T. +32 81 58 02 04
    F. +32 81 58 29 79

    open every workday
    from 8 am till 5 pm
    Roadmap to Couderé Loyers
  3. Contact us

3. Couderé Partners with Gatewing for Aerial Survey

Couderé Geomatic Engineering, Belgium, and Gatewing have entered into an agreement which allows Couderé to market and support Gatewing's X100 unmanned aerial vehicle in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The X100 UAV facilitates automatic aerial photography at an elevation of between 100 and 175 metres, which are GPS positioned and precise.

Using this raw imagery, the users can create orthophotos and accurate digital surface models. As the system is easy to transport it is to deploy to map middle-sized areas (1-4km2), allowing the operator to stay on the ground when the UAV is flying its pre-programmed lines.

The Gatewing concept consists of two steps, the first being the capture of aerial photography followed by the second step consisting of bringing the imagery together in one big orthophoto and a digital surface model using the automatic software.

The contract allows Couderé to extend the company's offer of surveys on land and water with aerial surveys for precise geo-related applications on bigger areas. This can be needed as an addition to terrestrial surveys, or in addition to or a valuable alternative to Lidar for monitoring of crops and vegetation, to create flexible maps when planning, visualising or following up on land management projects.

The cooperation allows Gatewing to focus on the creation of an international dealer network instead of direct sales, at the same time allowing Couderé to operate internationally with their products and services.


4. The Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system

Towards the Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system product page


5. Gatewing X100 Demo Days

You want to see this for yourself ? Couderé organises on a regular basis flight and image processing demonstrations. Let us know you are interested and we'll gladly invite you to one of the following X100 demo days that are organised in your region.

6. Couderé service and support for Gatewing X100

Couderé gladly welcomes you and your technical questions regarding your Gatewing X100 UAS.

All customers and users of the Gatewing X100 in the Benelux region, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can turn directly to a dedicated Couderé support team with all their technical questions.

The Couderé support team has the essential in-house specialists (technicians, photogrammetrists, topographers), who have been trained, in collaboration with Gatewing, in all aspects (hardware and software) of the X100 system. They already performed and processed numerous X100 flights and are now ready to address all your technical questions about the X100 flights and subsequent data processing with an appropriate and problem-solving response.

The Gatewing support team continues to collaborate closely with Couderé, thus guaranteeing continued excellence in customer support. In this way, more resources are again available with Gatewing to focus on the further development of the X100 system to increase your possibilities.

>> Please address your technical questions from now on directly to Couderé

  • Per mail via :
  • Or by phone on number 0032 50 38 98 14 (during office hours)

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